Carol Douglas is a professional who is passionate about saving you time and energy! She will…

  • Provide administrative assistance (e.g. set up your e-contact list or provide communication support, concierge needs)
  • Coordinate property improvements (e.g. get bids, research, oversee service technician or craftsman while you’re busy)
  • Organize home, office or personal information (e.g. file system setup, teach you how to continue to manage your information)
  • Unclutter a basement, kitchen, garage or other space (e.g. help assess what to keep, then contain, dispose, recycle)
  • Move your or a loved one’s possessions (e.g. sort, scale down, recycle, move arrangements, inventory, address changes, post-move organizing)
  • Coordinate meetings (e.g. logistics between meeting site and content planners/participants)
  • And more.

Want to get started?
Contact Carol to discuss your goals and needs and find out rates.