Carol’s Approach

  • Listen to your needs, understand your goals.
  • Recommend a solution that’s customized and useful to you.
  • Bring energy, answers, cheer and accomplishment to your needs.

Carol’s Background
Drawing on more than 20 years experience as an executive assistant and project manager, Carol opened her business in 2005. Her purpose is to help people with organization and project needs so they can spend more time on their personal aspirations.
Carol has heard and responded to many kinds of unique client situations, like:

  • “I need to figure out a filing system but my work and family demands my attention…”
  • “I need to move and keep my business going? Help me scale-down and then unpack at my new house.”
  • “We need our annual meeting to go seamlessly.”
  • “My storage unit’s sprinkler leaked; I need to clean up my things in order to auction and move.”
  • “I need help organizing a relative’s estate so we can sell the house.”
  • “We just moved into a smaller home; I don’t know where to begin organizing my office at home.”
  • “I need to reorganize my children’s rooms but between my job and caring for them, I can’t get it done.”
  • “I need to organize my classroom files, but my students need me during the week and I don’t want to use vacation time for files!”
  • “I can’t clean, paint and pack for our move by myself before closing; I need help!”

Carol wants to help you experience the joy of pursing your personal aspirations. She will take things off your plate providing you time to spend how you would like.

You can read more about Carol’s work in Recommendations from clients who have made progress in their life-goals because of Carol’s help.

Work Experience
As an executive assistant, each day required flexibility to accomplish the unexpected and anticipated tasks necessary for executives to stay focused. The planning, executing and controlling details (meetings, travel plans, information flow, etc.) had to go smoothly behind the scenes to allow focus on strategy and decision-making.

  • Orchestrated meeting logistics for individuals and associations.
  • Proactively anticipated steps needed to achieve goals.
  • Trained in project management at Boston University to skillfully accomplish projects.
  • Managed independent bookstores, implementing fresh strategies to assure public awareness and increased sales.
  • Brought accuracy and good judgment to paralegal assignments.
  • Weaved flexibility, creativity and joy into responsibilities and communications.
  • You deserve the expert, confidential personal assistance Carol offers. Contact her to get started.