“Carol Douglas with Experience Order is a miracle worker! Our home was terribly cluttered from collecting 20 years’ worth of stuff, and she oversaw a massive clean-out project. It was too much for us to even think about how to handle it, and she brought to us the focus necessary, not to mention the additional set of hands.

“Carol was always very punctual, and completely focused on the task at hand. She also went above and beyond what might be expected, by bringing boxes, packing paper and tape, markers, carting away clothing and other items to Goodwill, and even taking trash bags and disposing of them. She is an expert packer, and we felt very comfortable leaving her to pack our fragile and delicate items, right down to our valuable china. She also had many excellent suggestions to help with organization going forward. She is cheerful, positive, and friendly, and gives her complete and loving attention to every aspect of the project. We also found her rates to be very reasonable. We would hands-down recommend Experience Order for any home or office organization project! 5 stars PLUS!”  Mia and Don K., Norfolk, MA

“Thank you for all you have done for me. We really needed a professional to help sort through the situation at the house. I’m really, really grateful that you were willing to pick up the task.” R.D.

“Carol is every busy person’s answer. She helped me through all the stages of a very complicated cross-country move involving both my home and my business. Her invaluable and discreet assistance included phone calls, liaison, correspondence, recordkeeping, finding sources, complex errands, independent projects, sorting, inventories, packing, de-accessioning, driving. And then doing it all over again at the new location! She made it so pleasant I’m almost ready to contemplate another move!” EBS from California

“Carol assisted me in analyzing my office environment. She developed efficient work-stations for my professional activities, computer work, and home/family management.
Her insightful questions and creative ideas resulted in reassigned use of spaces, an organized, labeled and useful filing system and purging of unnecessary clutter.
She trained me in time-saving steps to handle the constant flow of incoming information and mail. Now I’m able to prioritize quickly and have time to stay centered on my first loves of family and teaching.” A.G. from California

“I needed to sell my house quickly. It was vital that it be in immaculate condition. Two days before the first open house all the rooms were still torn apart from painting and remodeling. I was feeling low on energy and enthusiasm and doubted my ability to reach my goal. I felt like I was drowning. Then I called Carol.
When Carol arrived, I was at a point of overload where I couldn’t really make decisions. Carol’s questions got my momentum going again. She helped me decide my priorities. She came with energy, enthusiasm and hope. Within the day we returned the entire house to order. Again and again Carol became my “legs” and I felt my strength return as the house transformed before my eyes. My house never looked so good and it sold within a week! I could never have done it without Carol!” D.T. from Massachusetts

“Words are inadequate to express how grateful I am for Carol’s help during what was a deeply challenging time for me… I was made responsible for packing and moving my best friend’s belongings after she passed on. In the midst of my grief, I also had to balance tons of incoming calls and to make decisions with the executor. I simply couldn’t handle it all. Carol came to my rescue! She packed my friend’s belongings with care and shipped everything to the appropriate destinations, keeping a record of what went where. She even made sure I had enough to eat during that week! Her resourcefulness and cheer helped me keep my chin up and took the weight of the task work off my shoulders. She made a difficult situation much easier than it otherwise would have been.” K.S. from Texas

“After sorting, cleaning, purging a stuffed storage unit sodden after a sprinkler system malfunction and years of drying, mold and mice, a client writes… “I would have been, well, swamped without you!! Think what we have accomplished! Thank you for everything. I could not do without your help – wonderfully done!” S.B. from California